Your most valuable asset is …

My most valuable leadership asset is my time.

You can generate or acquire resources. You can generate or acquire skills and abilities. You can generate or acquire relationships. But you cannot generate or acquire time.

You can choose what to do with your time, but you cannot create more of it.

The amount of time we have to work with is fixed, finite, and unknown.

The most important leadership question is, “To what or to who will I give my time?” By extension, then, two of the most powerful and practical questions that you can ask about your life and readership are:

  1. Who are the most important people in my life to whom I should give my time?
  2. What are the most important projects and priorities I should give my time to?

I suppose there is a third question, “Does the current reality of my leadership reflect my answers to the first two questions?” If yes, you a likely leading with a strong sense of purposemission, and satisfaction. If no, you are likely leading with a sense of frustrationdiscontent, and exhaustion.

Your time is your most valuable leadership asset. Are you using it well?

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