People are Amazing!

People are amazing!

I know that is obvious, but the reality of this truth struck me again through several recent coaching sessions I facilitated.

Everyone has a story, and each person has a unique combination of abilities, insights, experiences, and particular ways of seeing the world. And when what “makes you you” combines with self-awareness and a healthy team environment, amazing things can happen!

Here are two realities I have (re)learned recently when coaching, mentoring, and simply trying to understand someone else better:

  • Everyone has reasons for doing what they do. All we hear or see are words or actions, but there is almost always an unspoken experience that explains why a person did what they did. Take time to find out their story. Get to know them. Listen.
  • Everyone has capabilities they have yet to discover, even if it is simply running up a mountain trail. The best way to help someone uncover a new ability is to walk (or run!) with them. Believe in them, encourage them, equip them, and see them flourish!

Here is my challenge for you.

Each day, for the next seven days, identify one specific person you want to get to know better. Maybe a coworker, maybe a family member, maybe a fellow student.

Ask them their story. Then listen.

You’ll likely be surprised at something amazing about them. Whether an experience, an ability, or an insight, once you discover it, celebrate it with them.

They just may not know how amazing they are until you tell them!

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