Executive Leadership Cohort

Why Join an LFTA Cohort?

Join a small cohort of eight executive leaders and engage in deep, meaningful conversations through monthly one-hour Zoom sessions. This twelve-month commitment blends biblical teaching and contextualized application within an environment of mutual accountability with other Christian executive leaders.

Text-Driven Insights

This is why Learning from the Ancients exists. Content and conversations are not theme-based but text-driven, focusing on leadership insights directly observable in the Bible. Each LFTA Cohort starts with scripture. Over 100 passages in the Bible describe elements of senior executive leadership, including insights from expected and unexpected biblical leaders. One example is here: Competition and Conflict.

Comprehensive Leadership

The breadth of responsibilities shouldered by executive leaders can be immense. Learning from the Ancients addresses four critical areas: self-leadership, internal team, external relationships, and mission accomplishment.

Interactive and Personalized

The core of Learning from the Ancients lies in its cohort-based structure and facilitated study and conversation about participant’s specific leadership contexts.

Welcome To Leading Well

Learning from the Ancients

Learning from the Ancients is a leadership development cohort tailored exclusively for leaders wanting to integrate spiritual formation and professional growth.

Who Should Join an LFTA Cohort?

The heart of Learning from the Ancients is the deep study of executive leadership in scripture, specifically designed to equip those who shape their organization’s vision, strategy, and operations.

  • CEO’s, COO’s, CAO’s, CFO’s
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Directors of Nonprofits and NGOs
  • High-level and Mid-level Managers
Learning from the Ancients is a pathway to becoming a leader who navigates the complexities of today’s executive responsibilities with wisdom, integrity, and vision anchored in biblical truths.

Who Leads the LFTA Cohorts?

Mark Wessner is President and Associate Professor of Biblical Studies for Leadership at MB Seminary, is the Founder of Leading Well, and has over two decades of executive leadership experience.

Mark’s PhD is in Biblical Hebrew Narratology (leadership evaluations in the Old Testament/Tanakh), and he is passionate about equipping leaders to integrate biblical truths and practices into their lives and leadership. He has been a pastor, land developer, entrepreneur, has taught at public, private, and Christian universities, and has been a chaplain in hospital, prison, and university sports contexts.

When are the LFTA Cohorts?

7:00-8:00 am PDT, second Tuesday of the month.

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