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6x6 Leadership Cohort

Join an exclusive global cohort of six leaders from diverse backgrounds, united by a shared commitment to making a profound impact. Over six immersive weeks, we engage in live, dynamic experiences that will equip you with practical skills and insights to propel your personal and professional growth.

Through expert facilitation and hands-on practices, we’ll explore key areas crucial to effective leadership in for-profit and nonprofit settings. Elevate your leadership capabilities, harness the power of team dynamics, enhance organizational health, and sharpen your communication skills. This small, supportive cohort-based journey enables you to experience positive growth in your leadership.

To unlock your full potential, we include Birkman Premiere assessment and coaching — an individualized pathway to self-discovery and growth. Discover your unique strengths, unveil untapped talents, understand your hidden needs, and gain a profound awareness of your leadership style and its impact on others.

“The 6×6 Leadership Cohort was an invaluable leadership teaching and coaching experience; I highly recommend it to any leader!”
Erik B
“I loved the simple, yet meaningful 6×6 Leadership lessons. I can easily take these lessons and apply them and share them with my team. I also appreciated the group dynamic. The lesson on leadership voice helped me to understand why I lead and speak the way that I do, and gave me the freedom to lean into that voice (instead of feeling guilty about it) while developing others.”
Craig T

Here’s a glimpse of the transformational topics we explore during our weekly sessions:

  • Organizational Health and Effectiveness
  • Your Leadership Story
  • Four Voices of a Leader
  • Team-Based Strategy and Execution
  • A Mission that Matters

Week six is a powerful session of Learning Integration where you engage with other participants to conquer real-life leadership obstacles in your specific context with personalized coaching support tailored to you.

Geographical boundaries are not a limitation with a 6×6 Global Cohort. Join us from anywhere in the world to connect with leaders globally and experience diverse perspectives from the members of your six-person cohort.

Together, let’s empower you to make a lasting difference in your organization and beyond!

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