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Leading Well equips and inspires mission-driven leaders to greater impact through individualized training, coaching, and mentoring.

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With over two decades of executive leadership experience, my passion lies in equipping leaders and teams in marketplace, nonprofit, and faith-based contexts to greater health, clearer purpose, and increased effectiveness.

I offer individual coaching, global leadership cohorts, and organizational leadership development programs. Training and coaching is designed to create a culture and community where leaders and teams thrive, unlocking their full potential.

Mark Wessner


What Leading Well Offers

Individual Coaching

Strengthen your leadership through training and individual coaching, tailored to your unique goals, challenges, and aspirations.

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A free weekly newsletter to equip and inspire mission-driven leaders and teams.

Organizational Development

Elevate your team's performance and culture with customized organizational development services.


What They Say

I really appreciated seeing how some of what I normally do in my work is actually different from my interests. In addition, it was eye-opening to see how different I respond under stress. The most valuable part of the Birkman assessment and follow-up meeting was seeing how what I need from others differs from how I typically operate.

Randy W

The 6×6 Leadership Cohort was an invaluable leadership teaching and coaching experience, I highly recommend it to any leader!

Erik B

I would highly recommend Mark’s leadership training program as business leader to better understand your personal leadership style and the leadership style of your team members. It is full of informative content that can be immediately utilized in the work place to improve your team dynamics and communications.

Brian A

I loved the simple, yet meaningful 6×6 Leadership lessons. I can easily take these lessons and apply them and share them with my team. I also appreciated the group dynamic. The lesson on leadership voice helped me to understand why I lead and speak the way that I do, and gave me the freedom to lean into that voice (instead of feeling guilty about it) while developing others.

Craig T

Birkman coaching opened my eyes at how I am portrayed by others in the work field and what kind of leader I strive to be. It also narrowed areas that were my strengths and gave me the motivation to invest in myself in order to advance my career.

Tasha M
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